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A "Home Theater In A Box" is a Surround Sound System That You Add to Your Existing Television

Today’s ultra-thin 4K and 8K televisions look amazing, but their sound quality…not so much. Flat screen TVs simply lack the internal space required to contain larger, higher-quality speaker drivers and more powerful amplifiers. Even low-profile soundbar systems lack the capability to reproduce spacious, full-range surround sound effects.

If you want to re-create that larger-than-life feeling of your local cinema within the confines and comfort of your own home, nothing less than an actual surround sound audio system will satisfy.

Conventional Hard-Wired or Wireless System?

Gone for good are the days that required purchasing a large spool of speaker wire and potentially drilling/cutting permanent holes through the floor and walls for fishing cables to each speaker location in your home theater room. As long as you’ve got access to AC power outlets to plug in each of the five to seven speakers and the subwoofer, plus the wireless transmitter (use a power strip surge protector behind TV stand), you can enjoy plug-and-play room-filling cinema-like surround sound audio from the comfort of your own home theater.

What Else Might You Need For Home Theater...

In addition to buying your surround sound audio system, you may also need to separately supply or buy most or all of the following to complete the proper setup and installation of your system or enhance your home theater experience:

  • a large smart television or a UST (ultra short throw) projector and projection screen
  • one or more high resolution A/V source components such as a Blu-ray Disc player (which also plays conventional DVDs and music CDs) and/or video game console
  • a stand wide enough for supporting the TV/UST projector plus a front left and right bookshelf or satellite speaker sitting at each side of it (unless you prefer placing the front speakers atop their own stands at each side of the television stand, or go with a system with floor standing front speakers) and adequate space underneath for placing and directing the center channel speaker towards ear level and also holding components
  • one or more pairs of floor stands and/or wall mounting brackets for proper placement of smaller bookshelf/satellite front left and right speakers, side surrounds and/or rear speakers
  • speaker wire and a subwoofer cable, UNLESS you go with a WiSA or other wireless system
  • high-speed Internet connection for streaming entertainment and online gaming
  • HDMI, optical audio, and/or Ethernet cable(s)
  • a power strip surge protector with plenty of AC outlets
  • comfortable (home theater) seating