WiSA and "Wireless" Surround Sound System Packages

The obvious advantage to setting up a “wireless” surround sound audio system that’s more “TV-centric” versus an “old-school” home theater receiver and passive surround sound speakers based system is potentially much quicker and easier system setup. Hard-wired home theater systems can cost considerable time, difficulty, and/or expense due to the need for running, fishing, and hiding five (or more) individual speaker wires and a subwoofer cable from the backside of the home theater receiver to the location of each speaker around the room.

A so-called “wireless” 5.1 channel home theater system includes a small wireless transmitter which connects via an HDMI cable to the HDMI ARC or eARC port on back of your television. The wireless transmitter, the five powered surround sound speakers, and the powered subwoofer must each be connected to a nearby AC power outlet. That’s a total of seven power cords which need to be plugged in just for your audio system! If your specific room layout allows easy access to each of the required AC outlets [hint: use a power strip surge protector behind the television, and extension cord(s) if needed], a WiSA or “wireless” surround sound system might be a perfect fit for you. 

The all-in-one package WiSA surround sound systems from both Enclave Audio and Platin Audio lack their own remote control. They are designed to be initially set up and tweaked using an app which you must download to your smartphone, and then for day to day use, you simply use your TV’s remote control for raising or lowering the system’s volume.

The Sony HT-A9 “wireless” surround sound package is NOT based on WiSA’s proprietary technology, but DOES include a dedicated system remote control. However, NO center channel speaker is included, or even made, as it’s designed to work best and most seamlessly with select Sony televisions which can function as the center channel speaker. Also NO subwoofer is included, but CAN be purchased separately or as part of a money-saving bundle.