Home Theater Receiver Plus Surround Sound Speaker Package Bundles

If you prefer the higher-performance, increased flexibility, hard-wired home theater possibilities of pairing a “conventional” component home theater receiver together with a perfectly-matched six-piece (or more) surround sound speaker package, you should definitely consider purchasing a receiver and speakers bundle, especially if you want floorstanding tower speakers for the front left and right channels. Unlike most “wireless” 5.1-channel surround sound systems in which each individual speaker simply requires a dedicated AC outlet, you will instead need to run five speaker wires from the back of your home theater receiver to the location of each of your individual surround sound speakers, as well as a subwoofer cable from the receiver’s .1 sub output to the location of your subwoofer, and you will need to purchase these cables separately.

The receiver plus speakers bundle currently being featured on this page includes a Denon 7.2-channel home theater receiver matched with a six-piece Polk Signature Elite Series 5.1 surround sound speaker system.

The 2020-model Denon AVR-S960H network AV receiver [manufacturer’s website link] [video] featured in the above YouTube video puts out 90 watts per channel, has six HDMI inputs including one that’s 8K capable, and of course can handle DTS HD Master Audio, DTS:X, Dolby TrueHD, and Dolby Atmos decoding.

The Polk speaker system includes two 41.5″ tall Signature Elite ES55 tower speakers with 1″ Terylene dome tweeter, dual 6.5″ polypropylene woofers, and downward ported for the front left and right channels; the seven-driver, 24.4″ wide, 4.1″ high¬†ES35 slim center channel speaker with 1″ tweeter and six 3″ woofers that’s featured in the above YouTube video; a pair of small ES10 bookshelf surround effects speakers; and the HTS 10 front-firing, downward ported, 100-watts RMS powered subwoofer to provide the low frequencies.

You can purchase your Denon receiver plus Polk Signature Elite speaker system bundle online at Amazon.com. 

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