ONEaudio ONEmini 5.1 Wireless Home Theater Speakers Have No Power Cords

I am intrigued by the possibility of experiencing high-quality, truly-immersive surround sound from a COMPLETELY wireless 5.1 speaker system. Not only am I speaking about NO SPEAKER WIRES, but also NO POWER CORDS TO PLUG IN!

Hong Kong based ONEaudio has developed wireless speaker technology that utilizes the DECT (digital enhanced cordless telecommunications) 1.9GHz radio frequency band.
The first product of theirs that I stumbled upon was the ONEmini 5.1 kit [available at AMAZON]. When I first saw it listed for sale on Amazon, I didn’t pay it much attention, perhaps because it has no reviews, which obviously means they aren’t (yet) selling many here in the USA. The Amazon listing mentions that it was first available in December of 2017. And the promise of NO POWER CORDS seemed too good to be true. After exploring and studying their website, I am amused by the less than perfect English grammar, but I greatly admire the painstaking effort they’ve put into communicating the advantages of their technology and products.

The ONEaudio ONEmini 5.1 kit is built around five speakers and a subwoofer each with built-in rechargeable batteries, and a hard-wired audio transmitter that connects to the back of your television using a digital optical cable. Four two-way ONEmini speakers measuring just 5.7″ in height and 3.3″ in width are the front left and right and rear left and right speakers, each with a 0.8″ titanium tweeter, 2.7″ woofer, front-ported, and 100 hours of playtime before charging. The ONEmedi center channel speaker measures 8.3″ wide and 3.5″ high and features a 0.8″ tweeter, dual 3.1″ woofers, rear-ported, and can provide 80 hours of playtime before charging. Recharge time is 12-14 hours. Bass is provided by the ONEwoofer.6+6 MK2 powered subwoofer with dual 6.5″ active drivers, and their site doesn’t list playtime or recharge time for the sub.

The ONEbox.micro console processor measures just 3.1″ wide and 0.8″ high and features a digital optical input to connect to your television and USB connectivity as well as WiFi. Surround sound decoding includes Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1.

Just 1 AC power outlet is required for daily operation — to plug in the ONEbox.micro console processor. Because the five speakers and subwoofer have built-in rechargeable batteries, they only need to be plugged in when recharging.

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